Recipe Contest - Apples


Submit a recipe by the end of September featuring one of  our apple varieties, and you could win a $20 gift certificate for any of our produce.  An unlimited number of recipes can be submitted as long as they fall within one of the five categories listed on our Recipes page. By submitting a recipe, you agree to the following:


1. The recipe submitted does not have an existing copyright by any media

    (i.e., Betty Crocker, etc.)


2. You give Early Morning Orchard (EMO) and any of its media (website, Facebook, etc.)

    permission to use and publish your recipe, with an acknowledgement to you as the

    originator of the recipe.



3. The major ingredient(s) of all recipes must feature produce that is sold by EMO.



4. Winners shall be chosen based on clarity/ease of directions,  taste, and presentation.



5. Recipes can be submitted via the Contact form of this site,  EMO’s Facebook page, or

    by mailing to: Early Morning Orchard, P.O. Box 1467, Palisade, CO 81526.


6. Submissions will: be received by last day of the month, become property of EMO, and

    will not be returned to sender.





7. To award a winner, all submissions will require sender's contact information.